What we do.

What we do for Rightsholders


Avant works closely with rights holders to uncover organisational value and assets that support audience growth and engagement. Our approach is focused on enabling rights holders to build partnership assets and tools by providing the foundations – such as setting financial targets and developing proposals. 

Account Management

We handle the heavy lifting of partnership management, encompassing sponsor management, activations, media engagement and content amplification. By working as a core member of your team, we help to ensure future resign of existing partners. 

Industry & Business Consulting

Avant can provide a range of tailored educational workshops, peer to peer mentoring and seminars on sponsorship. 


What we do for Brands

Brand Sponsorship

We research, negotiate, manage, evaluate, activate and amplify a brand’s sponsorship interests.

Leveraging & Activation

The team at Avant are experienced in delivering emotional and engagement-rich activations for brands that are rule breaking, imaginative and measurable. We also extend audiences for any event through social amplification, content strategy and media amplification.

“I worked closely with the team at AVANT while (I was) Festival Director of Australia's largest food festival, Good Food Month. They are a delight to work with - creative, fun and inspired but also able to deliver on the commercial side. Their team have excellent connections and great experience in the hospitality, food and beverage field and related industries. I would definitely recommend them.”

Joanna Savill, Festival Director, Good Food Month